Cat Confessions

Subtitle: “How spoiled cats fit into the scheme of things”

Recently, as some of you know, my family left for various parts known and unknown (see post below), and the LifeForms and I were left to our own devices for most of about 10 days. Many things happened in that time (I discovered how many LifeForms we actually have, for instance…) and generally, things clicked right along. Upon their return, the queen of the house (her daughter actually brought it up first) said:

“Did you spoil the cat?”

Midnight asleep in the arms of her owner-valet

It seems, don’t you see, that there has been some disagreement among us regarding topics such as the diet of said cat (milk or no milk), the reliability of veterinary advice we have been getting (cats can’t digest milk- then what have they been doing with it for thousands of years??) and the feline girth (“that cat is fat and lazy!”). Of course, I was non-plussed, since many important events and circumstances had arisen and been dealt with during their long journey, and many important decisions had yet to be made, and … what cat? Ahem! In any case, regarding the spoilation of the royal feline, I have discovered, decided (and am announcing here) that: Continue reading “Cat Confessions”

Father’s Day memories

Father's Day

Last Sunday was bittersweet– my entire family (sans LifeForms at home) was gone in various directions. My mom stepped in and swept her men off to an excellent dinner and afternoon on top of the Kaden Towers in Louisville. At that event, I gave my dad a card and a short meditation on something we used to do together 45 years ago. This was to thank him for all the years I’ve been privileged to be his son, and in his honor, I share it here [more…]

Ha! Old School vs. New…

Sun Microsystems was around when I was in college… how long ago was that??? 🙂  Here’s an exchange between their CEO and a new hire:

Jonathan Schwartz, the pony-tailed chief executive of Sun Microsystems (nasdaq: SUNW news people ), got his five minutes of stage time too. He described how he had recently asked a fresh-faced new hire at Sun what he thought of the company.

“Well, it’s kind of an old-fashioned company,” the 20-something conceded.

“Old-fashioned?” fumed Schwartz. “In what way?”

“You use e-mail,” replied the younger man.

“What’s wrong with that?” demanded Schwartz.

“My parents send me e-mail,” he answered.

So uncool, so 1990s.

Oh boy… e-mail will soon be for little old ladies and old men wearing hats!  (HT: Elizabeth Corcoran at

This just makes so much sense!

In this article, Jonah Goldberg makes the case that education should indeed be universal, but there is no need for the majority of it to be done in government schools. Yes, these are public schools, but calling them “government” clarifies who is running them. Take a look at the politicians in the news, then ask yourself if government paid and recruited school administrators somehow get a pass on the worst qualities of those same politicians. Why is it that our tax dollars must fund public institutions? If I take my tax credits and send my kids to a Christian school, and you take yours and send your kids to a Muslim school which teaches that my kids must convert or die- isn’t that what the 1st Amendment is all about? Yes- your kids harassing mine goes too far- but doesn’t harassment happen all the time in public schools? In fact, sometimes it’s the administration doing the harassment under the guise of some PC, stupid rule!

“When Schools Compete, Everybody Gets A Better Education”

Bring on the vouchers/tax credits! Our country will be better for it…

Starbuck’s Passing

Yesterday a long-time occupant of Chenoweth Farm passed away. Several of us noticed that Starbuck seemed agitated that morning… by mid-afternoon, he had laid down and died. According to Mike Roberts, a long-time employee and partner, he had first been used to herd cattle here in the early 70’s, and was 36 years old when he died.

Starbuck is gone

May he rest in peace…

The Swiss invade Liechtenstein

No– seriously! Questions:

  1. Is this about one cheese attacking another?
  2. I know where Switzerland is (somewhere in Europe- the Alps have something to do with it), but Liechtenstein is- a beer? a disease? a punk band from Texas??
  3. What happened next?

The best part about this story is that everybody in Liechtenstein didn’t even know they had been invaded!  In today’s news landscape, with all the bickering over wars we all have an opinion on, this one has a refreshing “whatever” twist to it.

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