Worship the Image

Our church has an amazing pastor & teacher.  For years (and I’m not kidding) we have been learning from the book of Exodus, and recently Bill has been teaching on the “Ten Words”.  As a child, I learned them as the 10 Commandments, but they are actually more than that.  Today’s lesson was a kind of preparation for a detailed study of the 2nd word, which I always thought Continue reading “Worship the Image”

Thomas Times – Age

From the Thomas Times, our annual family newsletter:

 There is something sobering about age.  I recently sent a birthday soliloquy to one of my nephews, in which I mentioned an iron pot.  This is a pot I remember seeing in a field over 50 years ago, as men who worked on our farm boiled a hog they had just killed in order to turn it into hams and bacon.  Recently, a friend and I dug that same pot out of the ground where it had been partly buried under the side of a barn.  I made the point that it was still in good shape, because cast iron, once it gets a coating of rust, doesn’t deteriorate any more.  However, in the last day or two, I happened to walk by the pot and take a closer look, since I noticed something amiss.  As I tapped it with a small hammer, several pieces of the bottom chipped off.  As it happened, the very bottom had been in contact with wet earth for many of those 50 years, and the rust had penetrated… Continue reading “Thomas Times – Age”

Memories & Meaning

I recently sent this soliloquy to my nephew Riley on his birthday.  Since it includes thoughts that many of you may find interesting, I’ve posted it here as well:

 When I was a little boy, I remember walking in the lot west of our home.  It’s where the horses and Blackie the steer live now, about a 100 yards from the breakfast room window.  As I walked, I believe it was springtime, and I saw a big pot made of cast iron over a fire.  In it was the body of a dead Continue reading “Memories & Meaning”

Home Is Where the Buck Stops

Do you remember cheating on tests in grade school?  As I think back, I honestly can’t, though I probably did.  (The sins I remember were mouthing off in class & bringing a baby snake to show & tell — but that’s another post!).  Now, let’s go one more step: did you ever, in your wildest dreams, think that your teacher was cheating on a test?  Or that her cheating would hurt you??  Or that she was doing it for the money, because she was a criminal running a giant scam on the school district???

According to a report commissioned by the governor & published recently in Georgia, the former Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent, Continue reading “Home Is Where the Buck Stops”

What is this?

Google search page

Does this look familiar?  It should, if you use Google.  So what are the two buttons below the logo?  They are words written in the language this search page operates on, and the logo is a link to Valentine’s Day search in … are you ready? …


That’s right.  You can search the web in a language constructed for the world created by the TV show, Startrek!  That would be a search of the real world using the language of a virtual world that for some people is more real than the world they live in now.

Are you confused yet?

Welcome to the 21st century…

BTW – hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!  We did :-))

Gorilla Glass

For once, this kind of marketing catch phrase is actually understated!  Watch this video and marvel at what Corning Glass has done for Gorilla Glassthe iPhone and its millions of users.  The most intriguing idea for me is flexible glass– real glass that flexes as if it were plastic, yet is as hard as glass.  In a related article, the author touts the video he watched but couldn’t film- a 3 lb. steel ball dropping from 3 ft. on Gorilla Glass without breaking it.

Don’t try that at home!

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi

Here’s a true statement: 100% of eligible voters in the US breath, eat and eventually get some sleep.  Yet only about 1/2 of them vote.  This includes God’s people, the followers of the Lord of both this world and the next, who are clearly commanded in Romans 12 to obey their leaders (who beg people to vote).  Why don’t they vote? Continue reading “Thank you, Nancy Pelosi”

September 25th, 2005

Death may not be what you think it is.Sarah- the Xmas tree

I’ve died three times now.  Twice, in the first impact of a serious accident, when my life stopped and seemed to flash before me, and once, on this day, five years ago.  Physically, I’m still here, but emotionally & mentally, some part of me is gone now.  It’s as if I live in this world and the future world at the same time.

That first night, Beth and I didn’t get any sleep.  The pain was so great that as I stared at the wall beside my bed, the seconds seem to hang in the darkness; I could count each one.  For years afterwords, the pain and sense of loss was always with me, coloring everything I felt and thought.  I would start abruptly sometimes, having realized that I had lived for an entire hour without thinking of the son who was gone.   In the last year or two, that pain has faded, leaving something deep and in the shadows, as if an enormous depression were imprinted on my soul, like a shallow valley among the mountains.  I suppose it will always be there, until I am gone, too.

Now he is not God of the dead, but of the living, for all live to him.”  Jesus the Christ, Whose tomb lies empty… Luke 20:38

This is our hope, today and every day.  If God Himself declares that Andrew lives, who are we (or you) to say otherwise?