September 25th, 2005

Death may not be what you think it is.Sarah- the Xmas tree

I’ve died three times now.  Twice, in the first impact of a serious accident, when my life stopped and seemed to flash before me, and once, on this day, five years ago.  Physically, I’m still here, but emotionally & mentally, some part of me is gone now.  It’s as if I live in this world and the future world at the same time.

That first night, Beth and I didn’t get any sleep.  The pain was so great that as I stared at the wall beside my bed, the seconds seem to hang in the darkness; I could count each one.  For years afterwords, the pain and sense of loss was always with me, coloring everything I felt and thought.  I would start abruptly sometimes, having realized that I had lived for an entire hour without thinking of the son who was gone.   In the last year or two, that pain has faded, leaving something deep and in the shadows, as if an enormous depression were imprinted on my soul, like a shallow valley among the mountains.  I suppose it will always be there, until I am gone, too.

Now he is not God of the dead, but of the living, for all live to him.”  Jesus the Christ, Whose tomb lies empty… Luke 20:38

This is our hope, today and every day.  If God Himself declares that Andrew lives, who are we (or you) to say otherwise?

Help this puppy!

Huckleberry with WillPlease?

Our daughter Sarah sent this heartfelt note the other day.  If you know of someone who could help her, please log in and make a comment, or write to her at Sarah (at)  [Replace the ” (a) “with “@” to get the correct e-mail.]

I am moving from Lookout Mountain on 6/12 to an apartment complex, and CANNOT take my dog with me.

Huckleberry is half Chocolate Lab, and half Sneaky Neighbor Dog. He is 16 months old (1 year, 4 months). He is not fixed or had any shots. He has never met a person or other dog that he didn’t like – he is VERY friendly and has lots of energy. He may not be a good fit for a family with small children. He is semi trained (come, sit, lie down, No, etc…).

He comes with a full bag of dogfood, a brush, some shampoo, a repaired leash, a choke collar, 10 feet of chain, and even a doghouse if you are willing to transport it.

I just posted an add on craigslist in the pet section, but I have already been looking for someone for two weeks now and have not been able to find anyone willing to take him.  I REALLY don’t want to have to take him to an animal shelter, he’s a great dog and I really wish I didn’t have to get rid of him.  Can anyone help me?

More pictures below the fold… Continue reading “Help this puppy!”

War & memory

Today, Memorial Day 2010, I went to a service by myself for the first time.  For many years Mom & Dad went to the local Grove Hill Cemetery, where the the local VFW always sponsors a service, and I have gone a few times with them.  For whatever reason neither went today, so I went alone.  The weather was perfect, it didn’t rain, and I saw Continue reading “War & memory”

Slippers- their name says it…

“No, my left hand isn’t dangling by a thread after massive loss of blood yesterday as a result of …”  That would be my answer to my brother, who had called from Calif. this morning very concerned by an e-mail he had gotten yesterday from Mom.  She didn’t send it to me; I haven’t seen it; something about serious injury to my whole hand…

Remember when your mother told you to stop running around the house in your slippers because you would bust your head wide open?  (You were 4 at the time; you may not remember.)  I forgot; was just doing Continue reading “Slippers- their name says it…”


A terrible earthquake, apparently building up pressure over hundreds of years, has practically destroyed the capital city of Haiti.  Over 200,000 people, some having died in agony after hours under the rubble, have been dumped in mass graves because there simply wasn’t time to bury them properly.  Many more are terribly injured or suffering from the deepest poverty, because they have nothing left, and they are in line with thousands of others who have nothing left.  But… as my daughter recently commented, this just doesn’t seem fair.  Haiti always seems to get the short end of the stick; they have been in poverty for centuries, and are Continue reading “Voo…”

William Roscoe Hartman II of Georgia

Sounds like the beginning of some boring archduke’s bio, doesn’t it?  Nay… most definitely not.  Instead of being departed, this person is about to arrive!  There will be more on that (much more), but for now, check out one of the many unintended consequences of said immanent arrival in the form of this list on my dear oldest daughter’s blog.  She is, don’t you see, involved Continue reading “William Roscoe Hartman II of Georgia”